Odontology (treatment of cavities and teeth pain)

It includes diverse methods meant to improve and heal different teeth problems, from cavities to complications that affect the dental pulp and the supporting tissues. An important phase of these treatments is represented by the final restoration of teeth structure and functionality by using up-to-date esthetic materials and techniques, all leading to a result that will satisfy the patient completely. Among the most used techniques in Perfect smile are:

  1. Full and complex treatment of cavities and teeth pain.
    The treatment is done under local anaesthesia, painless and using up-to-date equipment and materials.
  2. Light-cured esthetic restorations.
  3. Dental hypersensitivity treatment.
  4. Bio-compatible materials used under crown restorations, in order to preserve teeth vitality.
  5. Root restorations using modern non-irritant techniques through condensation and sealing.