Endodontics (root canals treatment)

A root canal or endodontic procedure on a tooth is simply the removal of the nerve of the tooth. This is done in cases where the nerve is infected or traumatized.
Although many people have heard horror stories about root canals, 99% of the time it is not a painful procedure.If the nerve becomes infected (see toothaches) then the nerve needs to be removed from the tooth. How do we do this? the tooth is numbed using a local anesthetic. Once the tooth is numbed, an opening is made into the nerve chamber using a dental hand piece. After the access is gained, the contents of the nerve chamber are carefully removed using special instruments. The chamber and the roots are then carefully cleaned out using instruments and medications.


After the canals are cleaned, they are filled and sealed using a special material. This prevents any bacteria from reinfecting the tooth. After a root canal is performed, it is imperative to have a crown placed on the tooth. The crown protects the tooth and prevents it from fracturing. After the crown is placed, the tooth returns to normal function.