Dental radiology

The term X-ray is actually referring to the radiation that is used to make the image on the film. The radiograph or picture on the film is the resultant picture that we see. A radiograph is an extremely important diagnostic tool. These pictures show the dentist many things that are not visible by just looking in the mouth. Therefore, radiographs are an essential part of a thorough and complete examination -resolution X-rays which constitutes the basis for full and complex diagnosis, like:

  • Dental assessment
  • Bite-wing
  • Retroalveolar radiographs
  • Periapical individual radiographs
  • Orthopantomography
  • Special radiography for dental surgery and implantology
  • We use State-of-the-art digital dental imaging system from SOPIX FRANCE/
  • we use digtal intra oral camera as a diagnostic method.